An interactive movie on the subject of addiction prevention (in German). It‘s like “Give me a break!” 
to find a happy medium. The movie is regarding to the use of drugs and alcohol as well as related to
associated social aspects. It doesn‘t say “Don‘t do drugs” with a wagging finger, because especially
adolescent don‘t care a lot about instructions like this, it more helps to find ways to reflect own
actions and their consequences. The movie was elaborated in cooperation with the department of
youth protection and can be applied for youth employment. We‘ve been working on it for 1,5 years. 
There are 42 possibilities to find to an end of the movie. 42. Enough said.

The project was created together with David Lauer during the 4th to 6th semester Intermedia Design.
Please find the online version of the movie here (Flash required):

This is a simplified representation of the story as it is displayed to the user. The chapter overview gives him the possibility to make decisions retroactive without having to start from scratch. In doing so, only the paths which have already been taken are visible in
order to anticipate nothing. For each selection, we have created an easy-to-understand button with icon and a brief description.
Chapter overview
There conceals a complex construct of choice of options behind the easy-to-understand interface and handling of the interactive
movie with a huge combination of clips. By the break from two to three selection possibilities we had a big challenge relating to
our ability of logical thinking. Overall, the film consists of 25 small individual films, which in combination lead to seven different
endings. There are 42 different ways to get to an end of the movie.
Clip overview with buttons


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